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Welcome to Awatawaa

Enjoy the comfort of the cabin or simply fall asleep in one of the hammocks in the garden or on your terrace. Each of the teak cabins built by artisans in the area are characterized by their organic harmony with the mangroves, the wind, the sea and the sky.

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Templo Yoga

"La felicidad de tu vida depende de la naturaleza de tus pensamientos"

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La Guajira is located in the extreme north of Colombia; In its territory there are three natural parks, five indigenous towns and our Ecolodge. Its flora, its fauna, its wonderful culture and its unusual beauty have turned La Guajira into a world tourist destination that must be visited.

Discover how a Guajira backpack is made, visit a Kogui indigenous village, walk or cycle to nearby towns (La Punta de los Remedios or Dibulla) to have a beer or share with the locals.


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Calle 1era a 1.5 KM de la plaza de La Punta de los Remedios, Dibulla, La Guajira, Colombia.

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